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Any request to the Nanobox API can be crafted manually. However, we provide a simple nano client to help with the setup. Using this is fully optional and requests to Nanobox can be crafted by hand as well.



In your Javascript project, install the nanobox nano client dependency. With yarn:

$ yarn add @nanobox/nano-client

Or with NPM

$ npm install @nanobox/nano-client

Initialize client

import { NanoClient } from "@nanobox/nano-client";

const client = new NanoClient({
    url: "",
    // Supply your credentials from Nanobox
    // credentials: { username: 'username', password: 'password' }

List transactions

We're going to list the last transactions for a given account:

// The account address we want to fetch
const account = 'nano_1x7biz69cem95oo7gxkrw6kzhfywq4x5dupw4z1bdzkb74dk9kpxwzjbdhhs'

// Construct promise based request
    .then(transactions => {


Given that you successfully authenticated, the last transactions for this account should now have been listed. You can continue to the the next step where we craft our first transaction.