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Pocket a transaction

This section assumes you've completed the previous step. We will build on that code example. Next up we're gonna do something more advanced:

  1. Derive a new [Nano Seed] and an account for that seed
  2. Send some funds to the new account
  3. Get the new balance of the new account

Create or import an account to use

The client provides a utility function to generate a Wallet and deriving keys locally:

const wallet = client.generateWallet()
const account = wallet.accounts[0]
generateWallet also accepts a seed so that you can re-create the wallet and account deterministically as displayed below:

const recreatedWallet = client.generateWallet('2EBB12AB10EFD2E540428004B5F5166CE52FEA7F44B4C656BD7CF61E1187B846')

Send funds to the new account

Now you have to send funds to this new account. To get the address of this account:


Update account

After you know the transaction has happened, refresh the account by:

    .then(updatedAccount => {
        console.log(updatedAccount) // shows the updated account


Given that funds were sent to the new address, the console should now list the updated balance.